Assess your State Pension

Check how much you will get

In addition to the benefits within the National Pension Trust, you will still continue to earn benefits in the State Pension Scheme as well, but those benefits are less flexible.

If you’re not sure how much State Pension you can expect, you can request a benefits forecast using the Government State Pension Calculator

The Government State Pension web site has more information on the basic State Pension

Apply for your State Pension

You can only take your State Pension at the normal State Pension Age. About four months before, you’ll receive a letter telling you how to claim your State Pension.

Should I delay my State Pension?

You could increase the value of your State Pension if you delay claiming it. The extra amount will depend on when you reach State Pension Age.

Not paid enough NI contributions?

You'll usually need at least 10 qualifying years on your National Insurance record to get  any State Pension. If you don't have enough qualifying years you may be able to pay voluntary contributions to fill any gaps.