How much will I need?

"When you reach retirement your income is likely to be less. This is mostly because your income from work drops if you go part-time or when you stop working altogether. Your retirement income usually isn’t as much as your salary. You should think about what you can do with your pension pot to make sure you can make your money last through retirement"  Pension Wise

Try our planners and see where you may need to be for your retirement

We have created a Retirement Planner to help you understand how much you may need to save for your retirement. It is a modelling tool which aims to give you detailed information about your estimated pension benefits at retirement.

In addition to this is our Life Expectancy calculator. Current statistics* indicate that if you are aged 50 today (2017), you are likely to live until you are aged 85 for a man and, 88 if you are female.

So if the State Pension Age is 65, you may need to consider that you will spend 30 odd years in retirement.

This is of course influenced by health and lifestyle choices, so can vary from person to person.
*source ONS