Bring your pensions together

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Bringing all your pension savings together in one place could be a good idea. You could cut the fees you pay and make it easier to keep track of your total retirement pot as well as having the flexibility on how you use your savings. You can do this whether you are an active or deferred member 

You can transfer benefits into the Trust from either a defined benefit (DB - sometimes known as ‘final salary’) or defined contribution (DC - sometimes known as ‘money purchase’) scheme.

We strongly recommend that you seek independent financial advice before making any decisions.

Transferring is easy

You can join the Trust and use it to flexibly access the benefits that you have built up in other pension arrangements. Transferring savings from other pension arrangements into the Trust is easy. If you get stuck or need help please contact us.

     Simply complete and return a transfer in form,

     We’ll then contact your previous pension arrangement, arrange the transfer and tell you when it’s done

     Then we'll ask you to register on the site and...

     ... you can start choosing your retirement flexibility, benefits and investments


See how transferring can help you

You can log onto your Account and use the Trust’s modeller to see how much extra retirement pension you may receive by transferring pension benefits into your Personal Account.


From the age of 55, you will be able to access part or all of any benefits you transfer into the Trust. You will have complete control over how and when to use your pension savings. Combining all your pension benefits into the Trust will allow you to access this flexibility.

This flexibility may not be available in other pension arrangements. 

Save Money

If you are one of the many workers who change jobs during their working life, you could end up with several different pension arrangements. Each one could cost you a significant amount in
administration fees over time.

By transferring all or some of your pension benefits into the Trust, you may be able to save money by paying one set of low fees.

You'll also be able to use the investment and retirement planning tools to help you manage all your pension benefits.


Consolidating other pensions won’t be right for everyone .There are a number of points to consider, as you could be losing money by giving up any valuable guarantees or benefits from your other pensions. If your other pensions provide an income guarantee (for example a final salary pension) that is worth more than £30,000 then you will need to take financial advice to ensure you understand the process. Please check if this will apply to any pension you are thinking of transferring. There is also no guarantee that you will get more as a result of consolidating.