Saving for your future

A workplace pension is a great way to save for a future you’ll love for two key reasons:

  1. Your employer will usually pay into your savings account; and
  2. You can save tax on your payments.


This short video explains how it works, with simple examples to help you.

Want to see how much tax you can save and what help you can get from your employer?

First, you will need to check how much your employer will pay into your savings. You can speak to them or, if you are already a member, you can look on the Trust Benefit Summary, which is available by logging in to your online account.

Next, use the savings calculator. This will show you the actual cost of saving into your account, how much tax you save and what your employer will pay in.

Savings Calculator



If you want to change how much you save, get in contact with your HR or Payroll team.

Spending in your retirement

How much money will I need and how will I access it?

Assess your state pension

Check how much you will get from the Government

Bring your pensions together

Having all your pension funds in one place could be a good idea.