Start planning

If you’ve read up on the different investment approaches available and now have an idea of the level of risk you’re comfortable with, you may be ready to select your investments.

To make any changes you need to login to My Account. Here you can choose where your existing and future savings are invested.

Firstly you need to decide whether you’re using a growth strategy or going to pick your own investments from the Self Select range of funds.

If you choose from one of the five growth strategies, don’t forget you’ll need to pick an income alignment strategy as well.

Whatever choices you make, don’t forget you can change your mind at any time. We’ll also provide a statement each year, giving you can update on how your savings are progressing and the latest projection of what you might get at your target retirement age.

Choosing your target retirement age

When you first join the Trust we set your target retirement age to match your State Pension age. However, it’s best if you work out when you plan to take an income from your savings and choose your own target retirement age. There are two key reasons why this is important:

  1. As you near your target retirement age we send you information to help you get ready and set up an income for your retirement; and
  2. The strategies are designed to reduce the risk of investment volatility as your approach retirement. If you retire earlier, you may miss out on this protection. If you retire later, your investments may have an increased risk of inflation eroding the value of your savings.


It’s simple to change your target retirement age, just go to the Personal section of My account or you can contact us. You can choose to take an income from age 55.

Our lives and plans change over time, which might affect when we decide to stop working. You can change your target retirement age at any time to reflect any changes to your plans.