If you are a ‘do it myself’ person, this could be the option for you; confident about making the right choices for and happy to pick investments independently or with the help of your adviser.

Tailor the choices to your needs by selecting one of more of the self-select options.  However, it is up to you to monitor your investments, checking they still meet your need as you go through different life stages.

Fund risk types

To help you choose how much risk you want to take, we have categorised the funds under different levels of risk.

Click here to see the fund risk types or use our risk tool to find out which funds may suit your attitude to risk.

Make your choices and changes online. Simply log in, above, go to ‘Investments’ and click ‘amend investment strategy’.

 Remember! There is always some risk and strategies do not guarantee a better return.  Click here for more information about risk