Life Stage Strategy

The Life Stage strategy

If you don’t make a choice, or you decide this is right for you, your payments are automatically placed in the Life Stage strategy and aligned to 75% flexible income plus 25% cash.

This invests wholly in global stock markets, until you are within 27.5 years of your target retirement age. It then moves your savings gradually to a mix of 70% in global stock markets and 30% in gilts and bonds.

This illustration shows how the mix of investments change at different life stages. This example shows the 75% flexible income plus 25% cash Income Alignment in the last five years and in retirement.

You can make your choices online via your account by completing this form or by contacting us. This does not have to be your final decision, you can of course change your investment strategy at any time and as many times as you want, free of charge through the same channels.

It’s important that, once in a while, you check where you are invested is still right for you, particularly if your personal circumstances change.