Start Investing

Everyone’s different. Some people understand investments. Others can’t get their heads round them. We’ve taken this on board and tried to make choosing easy for you. There are three different ways you could go:

Help me do it

If you don’t want to choose individual funds, but want a say in how your money’s invested, this approach could be for you. All you need to do is choose one of the growth strategies and an income alignment strategy, which matches how you intend to take an income when you retire.

Do it yourself

Gives you all the control and flexibility you need to tailor your investment choices to your needs, using the Self Select strategy. You can pick any number of funds from our range and decide how much of your savings to invest in each. With this option the investment choices are down to you.

I can't decide!

You’re automatically invested in the Life Stage strategy when you join the Trust. If you are unsure about making investment decisions or happy this meets your needs, you can continue to invest in this strategy.

You can make your choices online via My Account, by completing this form or by contacting us. This does not have to be your final decision, you can change your investment strategy at any time and as many times as you want, free of charge.

It’s important, once in a while, to check your investment choices are still right for you, particularly if your personal circumstances change. 


All investments involve a certain level of risk. Generally, the greater the risk taken, the higher the potential reward, but there’s also a greater potential for loss. There are other risks you should consider, such as the risk you may not get the level of retirement income you expect. 

 "When you save for a pension, you should regularly review how it’s invested. And as you get older, you should probably change your investment strategy to reduce risk as retirement draws closer"- The Money Advice Service.