Investment Approaches

Everyone’s different. Some people understand investments. Others can’t get their heads around them. We’ve taken this on board and tried to make choosing easy for you. There are three different ways you could go:

Happy to leave it to us? If you don’t make a choice, or you decide this is right for you, your payments are automatically placed in the 'Life Stage strategy - Flexible Income Target' and aligned to 75% flexible income plus 25% cash. You may see this option described as our 'Default Strategy'.

For more information about the 'Life Stage strategy - Flexible Income Target' and where it is invested, click here.


If you want to buy a secure income or take your money as cash, we offer two other Life Stage strategies to suit you. Click here for more information.

If you wish to choose your own investments, you can select from one or more of the self-select options. If you do, it will be up to you to monitor your investments to make sure they continue to meet your needs as your circumstances change. Click here to view Fund Risk Types

There are two ways funds are managed:

  • Active - using this approach, fund managers buy and sell investments to maximise the gains and minimise the losses. To achieve this they anticipate market situations and take advantage of insights and opportunities as they arise. The expertise needed to run funds in this way means the investment management charge is usually higher than for passive funds.
  • Passive - in contrast to active funds, a passive fund follows a stricter set of guidelines rather than trying to anticipate investment opportunities. Usually, a passive fund will aim to mirror the performance of a particular market index. The advantage of passively managed funds is their charges are likely to be lower than actively managed funds, as there are fewer research analysts and managers involved.

Whether the fund is active or passive, there is no guarantee the fund manager will achieve the objectives described.

You can make your choices and changes online. Simply log in, above, go to ‘Investments’ and click ‘amend investment strategy’. Alternatively, you can download a switching investment form or contact an administrator.

Remember! There is always some risk and while strategies are wise, they do not guarantee a return.  Click here for more information about risk