Manage and keep track of your retirement savings 24/7, with ‘My Account’

Once you’re a member of the Trust, you’ll receive access to the secure area of this site - ‘My Account’. From here you can:

  • See the latest value of your savings;
  • Check the payments made into your Personal Account;
  • Use the Trust Benefit Summary to see your payment choices;
  • Make changes to where your savings are invested;
  • Alter the age you plan to take an income from your savings;
  • Change your personal information, such as your address and other contact details; and  
  • Much more to help you manage your retirement savings and income.


The retirement planner can help you:

  • Get an idea of what income you might get in the future;
  • Play around with how much you save each month and when you might start taking an income - to see what difference this might make; and
  • See scenarios of taking an income in the different ways available to you.

By logging in to My Account first, the planner will take account of what you’ve already saved and how much you and your employer are paying in each month.

 There are other tools which can help you:

  • Understand your attitude to investment risk and the funds which might match this;
  • Get an idea of how long, on average, people of your age are expected to live; and
  • Understand how much income tax you might pay when you take an income from your retirement savings. 

  See the full range of tools and modellers and start planning your financial future.

Planning Tools

Planning Tools