What to do when getting in touch


The way we manage day to day communications, personally and professionally, has changed. However, when processing your requests there are still times when you need to provide us with personal details or completed forms. This page gives you some information on the best ways to do this.

We would encourage you to continue to communicate with us in the manner you feel comfortable, whether that is via email, post or telephone.


Identifying yourself when you get in touch

Our administrator, XPS Administration, is very concerned about the security of your personal data and would not want to provide information to anyone other than you. Therefore we always undertake member authentication first. When you contact us, please be ready to provide the details listed below.

  • your full surname (as it appears on our records);
  • address – first line and postcode;
  • the first 4 digits of your NI number (e.g. JE45); and
  • the day in the month of your birth (e.g. 25th).

*Never send all of your NI number or date of birth, only part as asked above.


Communication with XPS Administration

If you need to send documents, or request information, you can communicate with us by email, post or telephone. However, care always needs to be taken when providing personal information.

Communication by email
Most of the communication that we have can be carried out by email. 

However, when emailing copies of documents which contain personal information please password protect them using your full National Insurance number with letters in capitals followed by month of birth in lowercase with no space in between (e.g. AB123456Cseptember). Do not email the password.

Communicating by post
Our normal process is to request, and accept, copy documents. But, in the rare circumstances that you are required to send original certificates by post you should do this using Recorded Delivery. We will return them as soon as possible by Recorded Delivery.



How to contact XPS Administration

  • Copies of documents are acceptable in most circumstances.
  • Only post original certificates where specifically requested – send these by Recorded Delivery.
  • Contact your administrator using the email or telephone details provided in our communication.
  • Don’t forget that you will need to provide the security check information before we can process your request.